Direct Super Center - False advertising?

Southfield, Michigan 0 comments

There is a problem in your fulfillment department. This is the second order where I received one individual .81 oz bone instead of the package of six. I see on the site that two other people left feedback that this happened to them as well.

As much as my dog loves this product, they are not worth $5.52 + shipping for each one.

I have been refunded for two of the seven packages I was sent, except the two I did get contained only one bone each, and have four more still to come.

If they have not as yet been shipped, please be sure to send the correct amount.

Order Placed: January 21, 2013

Thank you

Direct Super Center - Direct Super Rip Off

New York, New York 0 comments
Not resolved

I placed an order for vitamins over six weeks ago and spent more time calling and emailing the company in search of items that never shipped.They charge your credit card and post bogus tracking numbers and dates to stall time until they locate actual product to ship.

After 3 weeks I received the wrong vitamins that cost half the amount of my original order. Their customer service is the WORST. I have been waiting 10 days for a return shipment label so I can mail back these wrong vitamins and be credited. Spoke to several supervisors.

A huge waste of time.Do not order from this company.

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Direct Super Center - Mrs Barb Cooper

Lincoln, Nebraska 1 comment

This place screwed me.I did not receive my prostate pills, for hubby (2-3 days).

It has been over three weeks. You can bet your *** I will never order anything from them again or use Bogus sites. There of course is no number to call.

Then I find this site where many other folks have been ripped off, too. Who do I contact about being ripped off? Can anyone help me with this so called Direct Super Center rip off.

I will let all my friends know what a rip off this site is.Big rip off.

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Hi Barb

If you ordered through Amazon, then go to their website and log in. Then file an A-Z complaint against the vendor. They will make sure your credit card has not been charged. Make sure that you also leave feedback about your order, since when their is enough negative feedback, they will terminated or charge the vendor more.

From my own experience, DirectSuperCenter lists items on Amazon that they do not have in stock. One wholesaler states that they also sell out-of-date materials.


Direct Super Center - Did not deliver item on time I paid extra for.

Portland, Oregon 0 comments
Not resolved

I paid $15.95 for 1-3 day shipping and I did not get the product within that time.I have emailed them 7 times and each time they reply, they give another excuse as to why they will not refund the shipping cost.

One of the excuses is that it did not matter the day it shipped but the expected shipping date was where they started counting. Until I showed them the email of the expected ship date was the day it shipped, opps. More lame excuses like that followed.

There customer service is terrible.I sure they are fine if you don't have a problem and need help.

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Direct Super Center has horrible customer service!

San Jose, California 3 comments

Long version: I did not receive my package and Direct Super Center (DAB Nutrition) refuses to address the problem by shifting responsibility on USPS. USPS informed me that they cannot help me with a non-signature-required delivery because Direct Super Center did not order that when they ship out my package, which I had no idea was the case since all of my Amazon orders come with signature required delivery.

Overall, they took long time to process an order. Shipment confirmation had the WRONG carrier and no tracking number. When the package appears to be lost, then they do nothing to resolve the problem.

Short version: Never received product. No refund or replacement. Will never order from them again.

Rating: 0/5 star.

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Direct Super Center's positive rating is 90%.That means one in ten customers get screwed.

AMAZON.COM SHOULD REMOVE DSC FROM THEIR VENDOR LIST. A lot of people blame amazon for DSC's screwups.

DSC takes orders for products they don't have and hopes they can get them.Not a good way to do business.


I agree totally.Has taken almost a month and no shipment of product.

They didn't respond to my first email, sent after the last shipping date had passed. On second email, they said product would be shipped in two days. Another two WEEKS later, no product, no contact.

Not just horrible customer service, horrible SERVICE in general.Will never purchase from them again.


"Direct Super Center is committed to serve you in the best way possible. Our friendly customer service team has easy access to our products at all times and will be happy to answer all your questions regarding ordering, returns, shipping or other information on our Web site. Our goal is to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction."

Their customer service policy is a joke.

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